Our educational mission is to bridge the gap between theories and praxis of arts education, with goals on cultivating social-caring arts educators and equipping them with global vision. The program also aims to embody humanistic philosophy and social praxis by encouraging future arts educators to take part in community-service.


  1. Cultivates mindful arts educators
  2. Provides interdisciplnary learning approaches
  3. Stimulates diversity in creativity and ability of innovative practice
  4. Interpretation and Criticism on contemporary arts education practice
  5. Conducts research both globally and locally
  6. Establishes national and international interdisciplinary and collaborative networks


The Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education was the first in Taiwan to offer a program of advanced study concentrated in the humanities and arts offering a curriculum focused on creative arts education. It develops human resources for educational and non-educational institutions with an aim to extend the influence of arts education into the wider community.

  1. Rich in Arts Education Resources
    School facilities with great international standards of the hardware, software, known as outstanding achievements.
  2. Outstanding Faculty
    Faculty team includes music, drama, dance, art, cultural resources group five universities, the study group's own sound system and environment, teaching equipment, can provide students with adequate knowledge and resources.
  3. Thoughful Connection between Arts and Humanities
    We value the artistic creativity and to inspire students to greater understanding.